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IRRS Tailored Modules


​Tailored Modules for countries embarking nuclear

Tailored Module

The IRRS contains an optional module specifically for countries planning to, or already embarking on a nuclear power programme. It provides a peer review of the development of the regulatory aspects of the nuclear power programme. It uses IAEA Special Safety Guide 16 (SSG-16) as a frame of reference.

SSG-16 provides guidance on the establishment of a national safety infrastructure in accordance with IAEA safety standards. In effect, SSG-16 constitutes a road-map of safety-related actions to be taken in the development of the nuclear power programme. The actions are organized by the implementing institution (e.g., Government, regulatory body and operating organization) and according to the state of development of the programme (i.e., phase). The actions provide guidance to the country embarking on nuclear power to facilitate their implementation of a programme commensurate with the IAEA safety standards to provide a high level of safety throughout the life of an NPP including decommissioning and waste management.

How the Tailored Module is applied

The host country, when agreeing the scope of an IRRS mission, will decide the SSG-16 phases it wishes to address. As a consequence, this IRRS ‘Tailored Module’ varies considerably in its implementation according to the host State’s current circumstances and needs. However, if the country selects phase 2 for instance, then for completeness, the actions of phase 1 will also be reviewed.

Care is taken to avoid duplication of topic discussions during any IRRS mission and therefore to the extent possible, elements of the ‘Tailored Module’ are integrated into the general IRRS process. Findings limited to the development of the nuclear power programme are documented in a unique section of the IRRS report.

The process of incorporating SSG-16 into the IRRS is described in Appendix II of the IRRS Guidelines . These Guidelines are subject to frequent review and therefore readers are advised to study the current Guidelines for detailed information on the inclusion of SSG-16 with an IRRS review.