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IRRS process chart

IRRS Process
The IRRS process (see flowchart below) consists of the following phases:
  • Pre-mission or preparatory phase;
  • Conduct of the review mission, completion and dissemination of the mission report;
  • Follow-up mission.

An IRRS is initiated through a formal governmental request to the IAEA (read more on How to request an IRRS Mission). In some cases, it may be appropriate for the IAEA to suggest to a Member State that an IRRS should be considered.
The IRRS is performed by an international team comprising senior regulatory experts with broad knowledge of the regulation of nuclear and radiation safety and extensive related experience, often in specialized areas. The IRRS Review Team is led by a senior regulator from a Member State designated as the IRRS Team Leader and in general, the team comprises both designated IAEA staff and experienced international regulators recruited from Member States and selected by the IAEA in consultation with the host country.
Find out more on the team size and composition, as well as on the responsibilities assigned by role, in the IRRS Guidelines.
The IRRS process also provides an opportunity for feedback to further develop the basis of the review, i.e. the IAEA safety standards. Thus, all IRRS participants are encouraged to discuss issues arising related to the standards and potential improvements of the IAEA Safety Standard Series.
The outcome of an IRRS mission is a report that, following the preliminary steps of collating, drafting, review and final agreement is submitted through official channels to the state concerned. The IAEA will use the report to update the reviewed country’s radiation and waste safety infrastructure profile and the nuclear safety profile, as appropriate.
In the interest of openness, countries are encouraged to make their IRRS mission report public. Should they not have done this within 90 days of the IAEA transmittal letter the report will be made available to the public unless the host country specifically requests that it remains restricted. The report’s initial distribution is restricted to the authorities concerned, the contributors to the report and responsible IAEA staff.
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