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Review and advisory services

In accomplishing its mission IAEA provides support to Member States to achieve the highest possible level of safety in nuclear installations and radiation facilities and activities through the production and implementation of Safety Standards and then providing reviews, evaluation and appraisal services to it’s Member States, upon their request. The purpose of these review and appraisal services for safety is to ensure that the Member States are in compliance with the IAEA safety standards for an effective and efficient legal framework and regulatory infrastructure for nuclear and radiation safety.

The Regulatory Peer Review Services provide an opportunity for a common understanding and discussions on international regulatory issues, current regulatory trends and challenges among senior regulators and the opportunity to share regulatory experiences, to harmonize regulatory approaches among States and to create mutual learning opportunities among regulators.

The Regulatory Peer Review Services also identify opportunities for improvement, as well as successful strategies that might be shared with other States in the form of recommendations suggestions and good practices.

The scope of the services is directly related to the areas addressed by the Safety Standards, i.e. governmental organization, research reactors, operation, design and siting of nuclear power plants, radiation, emergency preparedness and response, waste and transport safety and security of nuclear installations, radiation facilities and sources.