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Regulatory Framework


According to the Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS - Article 7) and the Joint Convention on the safety of spent fuel management and on the safety of radioactive waste management (Joint Convention - Article 19), Contracting Parties shall establish and maintain a legislative and regulatory framework to govern the safety of nuclear installations. To develop such a framework, Member States can rely on international Conventions and on the IAEA Safety Standards.

As stressed in IAEA Safety Requirements the framework for safety is to be established for the entire range of facilities and activities, from the use of a limited number of radiation sources to a nuclear power programme. Not all the safety requirements are relevant for all Member States; consideration has to be taken of the circumstances pertaining to the Member State and of the radiation risks associated with its facilities and activities. (GSR Part 1 (Rev. 1), para.1.4)

The legal framework shall establish an independent Regulatory Body which will be entrusted with the implementation of this framework (CNS - Article 8; Joint Convention Article 20). The Regulatory Body should be structured in such a way as to ensure that it is capable of discharging its responsibilities and carrying out its functions.