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​How to request an IRRS Mission



Request of IRRS

IRRS Missions are initiated through a formal request to the IAEA through the appropriate official in the requesting state.
 Nevertheless, it is a common practice that the state initializes the contact by approaching the IAEA (see Contact page) and requesting more information on the mission, expressing the intent and setting up a discussion. On receiving a request for information about IRRS, the IAEA responds by forwarding a copy of the IRRS Guidelines to the appropriate official in the requesting state. In due course, the state may submit a formal request for an IRRS mission to the IAEA Deputy Director General for Nuclear Safety and Security. On receipt of the formal request, the IAEA reviews the request and begins dialogue with the state.
 Alternatively, for some Member States where the IAEA believes an IRRS would be beneficial, a recommendation to consider an IRRS mission together with a draft proposal may be forwarded to the country.

Initial arrangements

Upon receipt of a request for an IRRS, the IAEA staff member designated as ‘IAEA Coordinator’ contacts the host regulatory body in order to:
·         Identify the host country Liaison Officer for the mission;
·         Arrange a date for the preparatory meeting with the organization(s) involved; and
·         Discuss the scope and expectations for a regulatory self-assessment in preparation for the review mission.
 The initial scope of the IRRS is discussed with the IAEA and is determined very early in the process (during the preparatory meeting). Nevertheless, the scope may evolve during the mission, taking into account any newly identified issue arising from the state's self-assessment and upon evaluation of specific regulatory areas.
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