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European and Central Asian Safety Network (EuCAS)

The region of Europe and Central Asia has significant experience, resources, technologies, knowledge in the field of nuclear and radiation safety, with facilities and activities ranging from the use of a limited number of radiation sources to the operation of a large nuclear power programme, and gathers countries with extensive safety expertise as well as countries needing to strengthen their safety infrastructure.

The European and Central Asia Safety Network, or EuCAS network, was created with the aim to support the strengthening of the nuclear and radiation safety infrastructure, in line with the IAEA Safety Standards, at regional level, through facilitating:

  • the exchange of information, experience, expertise and good practices;
  • the coordination and the development of activities, including capacity building;
  • the cooperation on issues of specific interest and building of a common understanding is expected to facilitate sharing feedback
Meeting Material
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​Webinar: An Introduction to Integrated Review Service for Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Management, Decommissioning and Remediation (ARTEMIS)30 Nov 2021 - 30 Nov 2021


EuCAS at GNSSN Plenary at GC-65
EuCAS Annual Report - 2019
4th EuCAS Steering Committee Meeting, May 2019, IAEA, Vienna
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