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Education and Training (WG 4)

  Education and Training (WG 4)​


The mission of WG 4 is to establish and maintain a platform for sharing and transfer of knowledge gained in nuclear and radiation safety within the members of EuCAS Network for its improvement. Therefore, the main objective of WG 4 is to contribute to an efficient knowledge transfer in nuclear and radiation safety by means of education and trainings on regulatory competencies.
Specifically, the objectives of WG 4 are:
  • Provide a platform for regional and international exchange an opportunity for mutual support and coordination of regional initiatives in this area.
  • Identify and address specific regional needs in education and training in radiation and nuclear safety as well as in regulatory competencies.
  • Promote and facilitate exchange of knowledge, experience, and information related to the legal and regulatory framework for safety and the performance of regulatory oversight.
  • Introduce a strategic and graded approach to capacity building by addressing specific needs for education and training.
  • Intensify cooperation with other regional networks, international and national organizations to improve opportunities for education and training.
  • (OPTIONAL) To develop a professional profile of the minimum knowledge and experience that regulatory officer should have (regulation, review and assessment, authorization, inspection, and enforcement).


The scope of WG 4 is defined by the expressed needs of the Member States, including knowledge transfer, exchange of information and experiences related to:
  • Legal and regulatory infrastructure to foster education and training in nuclear and radiation safety;
  • Nuclear and radiological legal and regulatory framework for the safe atomic energy use;
  • Licensing (review and assessment) and inspection of nuclear and radiological facilities and practices;
  • Regulatory review of safety assessment and safety case;
  • Knowledge management;
  • Capacity building;
  • Safe application of radiation sources in the industrial and medical applications;
  • Radiation safety of population
  • etc.
The scope of WG 4 may include additional specific issues upon request of EuCAS Members with approval/agreement of its steering committee.

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