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Regulatory Infrastructure (WG1)

  Regulatory Infrastructure (WG1)

Main Objective:

Establish and strengthen the regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety through networking, cooperation and knowledge sharing

Technical Scope

I) Improve the regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety:
  • Implement the graded approach in the regulatory control
  • Facilitate review process of the regulatory framework to be in line with IAEA Safety Standards
  • Promotion and oversight of culture for safety (IAEA TECDOC 83)
  • Implementation of IAEA GSR Part 3 (BSS) (emphasis on Radon and Uranium mines)
II) Management system of radiation sources (including orphan and disused sources)

III) Strengthen regulatory bodies and TSO capabilities:
  • Knowledge management and capacity building
  • TSOs: role and relations with RBs
  • Safety assessment to support regulatory decision making, methodology
  • Establish and implement integrated management system in line with IAEA GSR Part2
  • In Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Regulatory aspects of long term operation of NPPs and Units
Mission Statement
  • Strengthen nuclear and radiation safety regulatory control and capabilities through cooperation and exchange of experience among members.
  • Graded approach in the regulatory control, knowledge management and capacity building within RBs,
  • Role of TSOs and relation with RBs,
  • Compliance with IAEA Safety Standards, are some of the priority areas identified
  • Conclusion on Future Challenges for TSOF’s Development and List of Actions.

ArmeniaArmeniaMr. SURIK and HerzegovinaMr. TESANOVIC Zoran Co-ordinator WG
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