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Objectives of EuCAS

The EuCAS Network aims to support the strengthening of the nuclear and radiation safety infrastructure, in line with the IAEA safety standards, at regional level through facilitating:

  • the exchange of information, experience, expertise and good practices;
  • the coordination and the development of activities including capacity building;
  • the cooperation on issues of specific interest and building of a common understanding.

The EuCAS Network shall aim at gaining overview of regional activities with similar objectives. The EuCAS Network’s activities shall be developed to be complementary to other initiatives, such as those developed under the auspices of the IAEA and other international organizations and associations. To this end, the EuCAS network shall collaborate with such entities.

Terms of Reference

History of EuCAS

​Development and Establishment of the EuCAS Project

After two consultancy meetings in 2015, a technical meeting on “Strengthening Networking and Cooperation on Nuclear Safety at Regional Level in Europe and Central Asia” took place on 2-4 March 2016, in Vienna. It was attended by 23 representatives of Regulatory Bodies and TSOs from 19 Member States in the region. The participants agreed on the project of the EuCAS Network and agreed on Terms of Reference for this new group.

The European Commission, WENRA Chair and HERCA Vice-Chair joined some of the preparatory meetings and expressed support to the project.

The EuCAS Network has been established during a Signing Ceremony organized during the IAEA 60th General Conference, on the 28 September 2016. 22 Organizations from 20 IAEA Member States jointly launched the Network, in the presence of Mr Juan-Carlos Lentijo, DDG of the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security and Mr Gustavo Caruso, Director the Office of Nuclear and Security Coordination.