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Environmental Remediation and Decommissiong

  Environmental Remediation and Decommissioning

Technical Scope:

The fields of activities of the WG will include:
  • Decommissioning
  • Environmental remediation
  • Management of legacy sites
Elements for a Mission Statement:

  • Increase effectiveness of cooperation in radiation and nuclear safety among the Network Members
  • Coordination of activities of the Network Members
  • Related initiatives in the region: IAEA project RSLS, CGULS, Environet (e.g. on stakeholder involvement).
Topics to be addressed:

  • Safety assessment as a tool for the RB
  • EIA and feasibility study as tools for the decision maker
  • Legacy management
  • Practical experience on decommissioning of various type of installation (NPPs, research reactors and other installations and facilities)
  • Practical experience on remediation of contaminated sites
  • Licensing of remediation activities
  • Relevant legal framework and regulatory basis at national level and comparison of respective infrastructure in various Members, including in the case of legacy
  • Sharing practices regarding optimisation and graded approach (use of ALARA principle)
  • Sharing practices on involvement of stakeholders

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