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Environmental Remediation and Decommissioning (WG 3)

  Environmental Remediation and Decommissioning (WG 3)


The mission of WG 3 is to establish and maintain a platform for sharing and transfer of knowledge gained on safety of remediation and decommissioning projects within the member states of EuCAS Network for its improvement. Therefore, the main objective of WG 3 is to contribute to an efficient nuclear and radiation safety in the management of remediation and decommissioning projects.
Specifically, the objectives of WG 3 are:
  • Provide a platform for regional and international exchange an opportunity for mutual support and coordination of regional initiatives in this area;
  • Identify and address specific regional needs in decommissioning and remediation of contaminated areas and legacy facilities and sites;
  • Promote and facilitate exchange of knowledge, experience, and information in regulatory framework and regulatory oversight of decommissioning and remediation projects on a regular basis;
  • Introduce a strategic and graded approach to capacity building for the regulatory body to improve safe decommissioning and remediation of contaminated sites and facilities, with due consideration to the IAEA-developed Systematic Assessment of Regulatory Competence Needs (SARCoN);
  • Intensify cooperation with other regional networks, international and national organizations to strengthen regulatory practice and approaches in decommissioning and remediation;

The scope of WG 3 is defined by the expressed needs of the Member States, including knowledge transfer, exchange of information and experiences related to:
  • Legal and regulatory infrastructure for decommissioning and environmental remediation, including management of radioactive waste produced during these processes;
  • Functions of the regulatory body including review, assessment licensing and inspection of decommissioning and remediation projects;
  • Regulatory review of decommissioning and remediation plans, safety assessment and safety case;
  • Radiation safety and protection of the workers, the public and the environment in existing exposure situations.
  • Knowledge management;​
  • etc.
The scope of WG 3 may include additional specific issues upon request of EuCAS Members with approval/agreement of its steering committee.

TajikistanTajikistanMr. BAROTOV BakhtiyorCo-ordinator WG
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