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Regulatory Experience


Principle 3 of the Fundamental Safety Principles states that effective leadership and management for safety must be established and sustained in organizations concerned with, and facilities and activities that give rise to, radiation risks [1]. The management system has to integrate all elements of management and also has to ensure the promotion of a safety culture, the regular assessment of safety performance and the application of lessons learned from experience.

Requirement 15 of General Safety Requirements Part 1 (IAEA GSR Part 1, Rev. 1) further states that the Regulatory Body shall make arrangements for analysis to be carried out to identify lessons to be learned from operating experience and regulatory experience, including experience in other States, and for the dissemination of the lessons learned and for their use by authorized parties, the Regulatory Body and other relevant authorities.

Regulatory Bodies are, therefore, expected to establish and sustain appropriate arrangements to collect regulatory experience, identify lessons to be learned from that experience and disseminate the lessons as necessary. The IAEA may, upon request, assist Member States in developing and putting in place appropriate arrangements for that end.