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management for safety


The Regulatory Body shall establish, implement, assess and improve a management system that is aligned with its safety goals and contributes to their achievement. (GSR Part 1 (Rev.1), Req 19)

The management system of the Regulatory Body has three purposes:

- To ensure that the responsibilities assigned to the Regulatory Body are properly discharged;

- To maintain and improve the performance of the Regulatory Body by means of the planning, control and supervision of its safety related activities;

- To foster and support a safety culture in the Regulatory Body through the development and reinforcement of leadership as well as good attitudes and behaviour in relation to safety on the part of individuals and teams.

The management system shall integrate its elements, including safety, health, environmental, security, quality, human-and-organizational-factor, societal and economic elements, so that safety is not compromised (GSR Part 2, Req 6)

To help the Regulatory Body to continuously assess and improve its management system, self-assessment tools are proposed by the Agency such as IRIS and SARIS.