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Welcome to the Technical and Scientific Support Organization Forum (TSOF)

The International Conference on Challenges Faced by Technical and Scientific Support Organizations (TSOs) in Enhancing Nuclear Safety and Security, which was held in Tokyo, Japan from 25 to 29 October 2010, concluded that “The IAEA should foster the establishment of a forum dedicated to nuclear safety infrastructure development issues related to scientific and technical support. Such a ‘TSO Forum’ would meet regularly in between the international TSO conferences, establish close working relations with the Regulatory Cooperation Forum (RCF), and operate in conjunction with established regional TSO cooperation structures as well as with the NEA/CSNI on science related issues…” The recent event at the Fukushima NPS and the subsequent Ministerial Conference at the IAEA further highlighted the need of a TSO Forum. The IAEA, as Secretariat of this forum, will facilitate and promote coordination and collaboration of Member State activities. IAEA will also contribute as appropriate.
Objectives and Scope
The objective of the TSO Forum (TSOF) is to encourage open dialogue and sharing of scientific and technical information among TSOs worldwide. It promotes coordination and collaboration among the TSOF Member States to contribute to the worldwide harmonization of practices. This includes:
  • Strengthen the role of TSOs and their global coordination and collaboration, including countries in the process of expanding or embarking on a nuclear programme;
  • Promote coordination and collaboration among the TSOF Member States to foster scientific and technical capacity building including education and training;
  • Share and mutually learn safety and security experience and communicate lessons learned including feedback on the use of IAEA Safety Standards and security publications.
TSOF activities are focused on the enhancement of nuclear and radiation safety and security and related infrastructure development. TSOs provide technical and scientific support to regulatory bodies or the industry and may advise governments in order to achieve the highest possible level of safety and security. The TSOF will not attempt to change or influence in any way existing or future arrangements (bi-lateral or otherwise) between and among Member States. TSOF is not meant to supersede the role of national TSOs. The TSOF does not have the authority to dictate disposition or application of resources from one Member State to another. That arrangement is between and among Member States.