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​Registration instructions for obtaining access to the restricted parts of the GNSSN

Certain parts of the GNSSN can only be accessed by registered users. Registration is done in two steps in one session.

  • Step 1. The user provides a user name and password. This is done in the common single sign-on user registration system of the IAEA, part of the Nucleus platform. The same user name and password are used for all the services that belong to the IAEA single sign-on system. The user chooses his/her user name and password. Filling in the fields as completely as possible is desirable – the fields marked with a star are mandatory. Once registration is complete, the registration system confirms online that a user name and password have been assigned and sends a notification via email to this effect.

  • Step 2. The user requests a registration to the GNSSN system by sending an email to the GNSSN administrators and provides his/her username, full name, organization, country and justification for requesting access to the restricted parts of the GNSSN. A prerequisite for obtaining access is normally that a user is a member of a team that is involved in one or more of the activities within the GNSSN or represents his/her country in the field of nuclear safety and security.

The registration request is reviewed by IAEA staff and by the representatives of the user’s home country, as needed.  Within few days, the user receives a notification via email of the approval or the rejection of the registration. 

Click here to go the registration form of the IAEA

Send e-mail to the GNSSN administrators