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​Control of Sources Network (CSN)

Ensuring safety in the use of radiation sources and operation of related facilities is of paramount importance for the protection of people and the environment fr​om any associated radiation risks. In order to ensure safety, therefore, a cradle-to-grave regulatory system for the control of radiation sources should be established. Establishment of such a system requires, among other things, the existence of a legislative framework for safety (relevant laws and regulations), the establishment of a national infrastructure for control of radiation sources (an operational regulatory body with sufficient resources as well as qualified and adequate staff), and the implementation of regulatory control activities (authorization, inspection and enforcement).


The effectiveness of a regulatory system for control of radiation sources depends on several factors one of which is information exchange among regulatory bodies to promote re​gulatory partnerships for improving national regulatory infrastructures.


Control of Sources Network is, therefore, a platform designed for reg​ulators with the objective of providing an instrument for enhancing the sharing of knowledge and experience in the establishment and maintenance of a system for regulatory control of radiation sources.

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