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SARCoN Project Page

Welcome to the SARCoN Project Page. This page is intended for the further development of the SARCoN methodology and tool. It is also an integral part of the work of the steering committee on competence of human resources for regulatory bodies. To find out more about the current concept of SARCoN and its background, please visit
9/8/2014 1:15 PM
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25 - 26 April 2013
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11 - 12 Feb 2013
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 Folder: Documents from the 1st CS
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 Folder: SARCoN Comments
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 Folder: SARCoN Guidelines
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 Folder: SARCoN Questionnaire
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 Folder: SARCoN Report and Experience
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 Folder: SARCoN Software Tool Development Feedback
5/23/2013 1:14 PM
 Overvıew of Quadrant Areas.xlsx
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9/5/2013 11:33 AM

 SARCoN Tool Latest Official Release

SARCoN_Tool_V1.409_RC_NI_DBV9.xlsm - Release date: 08 September 2014.
  • Fixed a small bug related to the declaration of a function.

SARCoN_Tool_V1.408_RC_NI_DBV9.xlsm - Release date: 08 September 2014.

  • Fixed an issue when importing from older versions.
  • Userform now center on screen.
SARCoN_Tool_V1.407_RC_NI_DBV9.xlsm - Release date: 27 February 2014.
  • Fixed an issue where passwords could not be changed from the welcome screen window.
  • New checkbox to re-enable the welcome screen window.
  • Fxed an issue where the Introduction and Start Tool buttons would randomly change size.

​SARCoN_Tool_V1.405_RC_NI_DBV9.xlsm - This version was released on 05 September 2013.

  • Fixed an issue where entering long names of job positions could result in not being able to create it properly.
​SARCoN_Tool_V1.404_RC_NI_DBV9.xlsm - This version was released on 05 September 2013.
  • Modification of KSA 4.3.5 and 4.3.6.

​SARCoN_Tool_V1.403_RC_NI_DBV9.xlsm - This version was released on 05 September 2013.

  • Finalization of the database to be fully applicable to research reactors. The SARCoN Tool can now be applied to all Nuclear Facilities.

​SARCoN_Tool_V1.403_RC.xlsm - This version was released on 21 June 2013.

  • Minor bug fix for saving graphs in MS Office 2007. It should now be fully compatible.
​SARCoN_Tool_V1.402_RC.xlsm - This version was released on 11 June 2013.
  • Fixed a compilation error of the error handler in the result calculation.

​SARCoN_Tool_V1.401_RC.xlsm - This version was released on 11 June 2013.

  • Fixed an issue where a job position could be renamed to an already existing job position which will cause the position to disappear and use the already existing job instead.

​SARCoN_Tool_V1.400_RC.xlsm - This version was released on 3 June 2013.

  • Based on SARCoN questionnaire V06 and 1.400 beta7 of the tool.

 SARCoN Tool Development Versions

SARCoN_Tool_V1.400_Beta7.xlsm - This version is a pre-release version of the final product for final testing purposes.
Updates included in this version (1.400 beta7):
  • Updated KSAs,
  • fixed issue with the numbering when editing KSAs

SARCoN_Tool_V1.400_Beta3B.xlsm - This version is for a particular testing purposes only and not released for general testing.

Updates included in this version (1.400 beta3B):
  • Introduced check for start-up if other workbooks are open.
  • Allowing error messages when exporting.

SARCoN_Tool_V1.400_Beta2_(V1.313_beta5).xlsm - This version is for testing purposes only. It is dedicated to our pre-release testing participants.

Updates included in this version (1.400 beta2):
  • Fixed the exporting issue which was caused due to a change in the export paths.
Updates included in this version (1.400 beta1):
  • New import module. This module enables the Training Coordinator to Import previous created job positions from other SARCoN Tool files (Version V1.310 or higher). This should make updates easier.
  • Improved gap analyses. The charts have been review. An additional line showing the gaps was added and the visibility was improved according to requests from Member States.
  • Minor bug fixes

SARCoN_Tool_V1.313_beta3.xlsm  -  This version can be taken out of the testing phase as it is fully functional. Due to a pending update with new features it is not released at this point.

Updates included in this version:
  • Modification for the directory of saved graphs and exported files to the directory. All files are now save to
    "SARCoN Tool files".
Updates of recent previous versions (SARCoN_Tool_V1.313_beta2.xlsm):
  • Quadrant Summary Calculation updated with more compact and faster calculation.
  • Locked text boxes in the criteria window.
  • Revised calculation method applied. (Not applicable KSAs are now ignored as well as Empty or not yet considered ones)
  • Includes previous fixes for 64-bit and 32-bit office versions.
  • Removed the zip folder as this caused some confusion and the tool would not start if opened from a zip-folder.
  • Attachments are downloaded from the web.
  • Attachments such as the Safety Report will follow soon.

Thank you for your contributions.