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Regulatory Competence Management

GSR Part 1

Safety Requirements on Governmental, Legal and Regulatory Framework for Safety address the issues of competences of the regulatory body by requiring that:
  • "The regulatory body has to have appropriately qualified and competent staff."

  • "The human resources plan for the regulatory body shall ensure staff with appropriate competences and skills."

"A process shall be established to develop and maintain the necessary competence and skills of the regulatory body."

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Management of Competence

Efforts continued to strengthen management systems in the area of competence and knowledge management. A new safety report, based on the safety standards, entitled “Managing the Competence of the Regulatory Body” was finalized and will be published in 2013 (Safety Reports Series No.79).The objective of this safety report is to provide guidance on managing the competence of staff of the regulatory body. This report also gives advice on training and development programmes for regulatory staff. It includes an appendix with considerations for countries embarking on a nuclear power programme.

The new safety report supersedes TECDOC 1254 and offers an updated competence model for the regulator.

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Regulatory Roles: Systemic View

The Competence of a Regulatory Body can be considered in terms of three interrelated attributes:

  • "Human,"

  • "Organizational" and

  • "Technical Factors."

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