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Project Page for the Revision of the Regulatory Control of Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs)

The Regulatory Control Book (RCB) is an IAEA training series publication, produced in 2002, which consists of two parts, a text book and a work book with exercises and tests.
For over eleven years, this book has played an important role in nuclear safety education and training activities, particularly those performed under IAEA supervision. It is used by professionals or new graduates involved or intending to become involved in nuclear regulatory activities. It provides them with all necessary information on regulatory framework, on characteristics and main functions of the regulatory body and explains the core principles underpinning nuclear safety (continuous improvement of safety, transparency, etc.).The RCB also presents the role of IAEA safety standards and some elements of international cooperation. It finally includes a few examples of regulatory frameworks in some of the Member States.
The RCB provided the basis for assistance activities supported by the IAEA Technical Cooperation (TC) department and extra budgetary regional cooperation projects, such as the Asian Nuclear Safety Network, courses on regulatory control, seminars and workshops organized in various regional and national projects to develop and strengthen the competence of regulatory bodies. The RCB is provided both as hardcopy and as an e-book on the IAEA website, facilitating e-learning and self-study for the Member States.
Having been produced over a decade ago, however, a number of elements in the RCB are becoming outdated. Latest experiences and lessons learned in nuclear safety, developments in the IAEA safety standards, experience from international peers review services should be incorporated in a revised version of the RCB.
The number of countries expressing interest in developing a nuclear power programme or already starting such a programme has developed significantly over recent years. The needs of these “embarking” countries with respect to nuclear regulatory activities have to be more specifically addressed in a proposed up-dated version of the document.
The revision of the RCB is an opportunity to also make it available as an e-book on the web (e-book).
4 - 8 March 20131st CS on the Revision of the RC BookVienna, AustriaB0979Document Library
25-29 November2nd CS to discuss the first draft of the Regulatory Control BookVienna, AustriaA0544Document Library
26-30 May 20143rd CS Meeting for the Revision of the Regulatory Control Book Vienna International CenterMeeting Documents
 Folder: 3rd RC Book Coordination Meeting- May 2014
 Folder: Contributions and Deliverables
 Folder: Foreword and table of contents (draft)
 Folder: Previous draft versions
 Folder: RC Course Belarus DEC 2014
 Agenda-CS Revision RC book May 2014 (Final).doc
 DPP RCB_March2013_rev 4.docx
 GoodPractices 2006-2013.pdf
 RC Book Deliverables_rev04_2014-03-26.xlsx
 ToR Edited.docx


​The purpose of this book is to support IAEA training courses and workshops in the field of regulatory control of nuclear power plants as well as to support the regulatory bodies of Member States in their own training activities. The target group is the professional staff members of nuclear safety regulatory bodies supervising nuclear power plants and having duties and responsibilities in the following regulatory fields: regulatory framework; regulatory organization; regulatory guidance; licensing and licensing documents; assessment of safety; and regulatory inspection and enforcement. Important topics such as regulatory competence and quality of regulatory work as well as emergency preparedness and public communication are also covered.