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Safety Packages
SSG-16 Modules and Workshops

‚ÄčSafety Packages of IAEA Assistance for Establishing Safety Infrastructure

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The IAEA has developed Safety Packages based on Safety Guide SSG-16 to assist embarking countries on nuclear power to develop capacities towards the establishment of a nuclear safety infrastructure. The Safety Packages are 11 thematic modules listing applicable Safety Standards, peer review services, capacity building means (i.e. education & training programmes, advisory services and relevant publications) and collaboration and knowledge networks to facilitate mapping out the requirements of the 20 essential safety elements of SSG-16.

Each package give guidance as to who is responsible (e.g., Government, Operating Organization, Regulatory Body); what the actions are; when the actions should be implemented in each of the 3 development phases of safety infrastructure for nuclear power; and how the Agency can assist Member States through peer review services, advisory services, education and training, networks, methodologies and tools to that end.