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Basic Professional Training Course

Basic Professional Training Course (BPTC)


The Basic Professional Training Course on Nuclear Safety (BPTC) was developed in 1998 to provide a broad overview of all the safety concepts and their application to nuclear power plants and research reactors design and operation. The BPTC has been used all over the world and part of it has been translated into various languages.

The new 23-module course, completed in 2015, has been developed from to incorporate all current IAEA Safety Standards, summarizing its content in “plain language” and aligning it to the Systematic Approach to Training. The new material includes textbooks, transparencies, case studies and examples of questions.

Target Audience

The nature and scope of the course are primarily oriented towards junior professionals recently involved in nuclear safety-related activities. The course also targets highly specialized professionals who lack a broader view of nuclear safety.

Suggested Delivery

The BPTC has been designed to be delivered in 1-Month course (Short Course) or 3-Month Course (long Course). The delivery should be adapted to the specific course requirements and time constraints.

In order to facilitate its delivery, please find attached the suggested timetables for both courses:

Complete BPTC downloadable in one zip file:

    Click here to download


For further information please contact Capacity Building NSNI-Training Contact Point