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Basic Professional Training Course

BPTC Module XXIII - (Public Communication)

Public communication and information activities should promote a rational attitude towards everything connected with nuclear energy and radioactivity and establish trust. The concepts of nuclear technology are presented first in order to understand the fundamentals of nuclear communications with its basic rules and values (e.g. honesty and transparency), principles of regulatory risk communication and goals in communicating nuclear issues. Communication programmes for specific issues together with objectives, possible audiences and relations with the news media are elaborated and good practices suggested. There is an important chapter about communication in emergencies. Finally the INES scale is explained.

Case studies are different communication situations which are to be performed by trainees divided into smaller working groups. There are 10 multiple choice questions that he lecturer can use for the weekly exam.

The textbook contains 39 pages, and there are 84 transparencies for a 3-months course and 53 transparencies for a one-month course.

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