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What is the

Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network

The Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network (GNSSN) is one of the elements of the Global Nuclear Safety and Security Framework (GNSSF), related to the sharing of information and knowledge among the global expert community.The GNSSN is a set of existing networks and information resources i.e. internationally accessible information and data sources, whether open or password protected.This includes active or latent interactions between them that can support work related to nuclear safety and security matters.The Vision and Mission of GNSSN was set up with the aim of ensuring that critical knowledge, experience, and lessons learned about nuclear safety and security are exchanged as broadly as they need to be.

Structure of the GNSSN

GNSSN Principles

The aim of the GNSSN platform is to make information resources visible and available via web links to all affiliated safety and security related networks. The main members of GNSSN are the providers of information and network operators (the process owners). Network enhancement rests on the following principles:

  • Process owners are ultimately responsible for content and quality;
  • Process owners recognize that they are part of a broader community of networks;
  • Process owners make continuous efforts to render the network visible and conducive to international cooperation;
  • Process owners strive for common solutions, using best practices and advanced technologies, and for optimal use of resources;
  • Process owners adhere to agreed commitments;
  • Process Owners sustainability and continuous improvement of the GNSSN.

Vision and Mission of the GNSSN/RegNet Development