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​Welcome to the Regulatory Cooperation Forum



  • To promote collaboration and cooperation among RCF members to improve coordination of support for regulatory infrastructure development.
  • To contribute to achieving and sustaining a high level of nuclear safety, consistent with the IAEA Safety Standards and Guidance.
  • To optimize resources among RCF members and avoid unnecessary support duplication through improved coordination.

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How to Join the RCF?

The IAEA Member State most senior regulatory body official requests membership through the RCF Secretariat at email address:

Folder: Reg. Ctrl. WSs
11/15/2017 6:10 PMMAMAN, Ezequiel
Folder: September Plenary 2015
9/22/2015 11:39 AMCASTILLO NAVARRO, Camilo Alberto
Folder: September Plenary 2016
10/11/2016 10:45 AMREBIKOVA, Olga
Folder: September Plenary 2017
9/25/2017 2:39 PMMAMAN, Ezequiel
Folder: September Plenary 2018
10/3/2018 9:44 AMMAMAN, Ezequiel
Folder: September Plenary 2019
9/27/2019 3:30 PMMAMAN, Ezequiel
Folder: September Plenary 2020
9/25/2020 5:19 PMMAMAN, Ezequiel
Folder: Training Book_Regulatory Control of Nuclear Installation (Rev1 in 2016)
10/10/2016 11:29 AMREBIKOVA, Olga
RCF Strategic Plan 2020-2024.pdf
9/21/2020 10:10 AMMAMAN, Ezequiel