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Managing of Competence of the Regulatory Body

Managing of Competence of the Regulatory Body

The ability of a regulatory body to fulfill its responsibilities depends largely on the competence of its staff. Building employees’ knowledge, skills and attitudes is an investment in each employee and in the future of the organization.

Competence is the combination of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSAs) needed by a person to perform a particular task. All three domains are important and interrelate.

Regulatory bodies are required to have a management system for the management of their activities. Competence management needs to be integrated into the management system. The transparency and auditability, inherent in such a system, facilitates self-assessment and supports the confidence of interested parties in the regulatory body’s processes and competences.

Safety Reports Series No.79, which is about to be published, provides guidance on managing the competence of staff in a regulatory body.