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Having established a gap analysis and the associated short and long term priorities, the Regulatory Body now has to implement its programme for addressing the competence gaps. The Regulatory Body may decide to acquire competence by training and developing existing staff, by reallocating existing competence within the organization to fill gaps, by recruiting or by outsourcing (Safety Report No.79; Part 5). An important method for acquiring competence is to establish training and development programme within the organization. Such programme will take into consideration the gap that exists between the current and desired competence and can rely on different sort of training course, workshops, seminars (…). Necessary work experience, continuing professional development and refresher training also need to be included in competence development plans for individuals. To train their staff, the Regulatory Body can rely on the IAEA large portfolio of material to support the conduction of education and training activities and human resource development. This wide spectrum includes interregional, regional and national training courses and workshops; assist visits and review services; mentoring programmes; networks of managers and specialists for sharing good practices; publications that accumulate best international practices; supply of training materials and training tools; and internship programmes for the younger generations. The links below will bring you to different resources or materials for training depending on the field of interest.