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Thematic Working Groups​


Technical Working Group, TWG6-ETKM


Training and sharing of experience amongst Nuclear Regulators in the Africa Region for the effective understanding of the role of regulatory program in providing adequate safety and security in the use of nuclear material and radiation sources in various practices was found out by the FNRBA to be a major challenge. Though there are training institutions and experts within the region and beyond however, there is inadequate information amongst Member States and also the mechanisms for identification and collaboration are yet to be developed. These challenges are amongst the reasons for the formation of the FNRBA and the establishment of the TWG6-ETKM.


TWG6-ETKM was created by the FNRBA in accordance with article 8 of the FNRBA-Charter to specifically develop and implement a systematic way of identifying, collecting, analysing and sharing regulatory experience amongst Nuclear Regulators and to facilitate the adoption of insights and experience within the African region and beyond. Such insights and experiences comprise knowledge, either embodied in individuals.


The objectives of the TWG6-ETNM, as defined in article 3 of the Charter of the FNRBA, are to:
•Provide a platform for fostering regional cooperation;
•Provide for the exchange of expertise, information and experience;
•Provide opportunity for mutual support and coordination of regional initiatives;
•Leverage the development and optimization of utilization resources.

FNRBA Member States in TWG6-ETNM are therefore committed to the:
• Provision of resource centers for training and knowledge management for regulators and other end users;
• Building of knowledge base for the development of nuclear regulatory programs in the African region;
• Identification of potential areas for collaboration and partner and donor participation in the enhancement of regulatory competence;
• promotion of the exchange of safety- and security-relevant information and knowledge for the effectiveness of the regional and global nuclear safety and secrurity framework;
• Provision of opportunity for improved performance, competitive advantage, innovation, the sharing of lessons learned, integration and continuous improvement of the regional nuclear regulatory program;
• Provision of effective and mature platform for regional and inter-regional collaboration on of insights and experience;
• Creation of an enabling environment to ensures that the benefits of nuclear regulatory programs in the African region are known and understood.