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Contribution Agreement 2010/244-291

Contribution Agreement 2010/244-291

Component 2 "Strengthening the regulatory capabilities for countries embarking on nuclear power"

This Contribution Agreement was finalized in July 2014. The information outlined on this page is for information purposes only.

Many countries without nuclear power plants are now expressing interest for nuclear power. Safety is one of the prerequisites for such development. Newcomers should, therefore, timely launch a comprehensive process in order to develop a suitable nuclear safety infrastructure and ensure that their nuclear power programme will fully comply with the international safety standards. The coordination and cooperation activities on nuclear safety issues between the EC and the IAEA started at the beginning of 2005. Two first projects were realized under the Technical Cooperation Europe programmes of the IAEA followed by another one under the Annual Action Programme 2008 on emergency preparedness activities. One of the latest joint efforts were those conducted under the EC-IAEA-Ukraine Joint Project on the safety evaluation of the Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants which were successfully completed on February 2010.

The reason for an increased cooperation with the IAEA remains with the fact that the IAEA is carrying out projects that are addressing the resolution of generic safety issues based on developing and disseminating well recognized international safety standards and guidelines. Such activities fall under the development of the IAEA's initiatives, programmes and applications.

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