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quadrant model

​Quadrant Model

The Quadrant model is a conceptual model developed to aid discussion and analysis of competence needs. Each individual in a Regulatory Body and each group of individuals needs to have a combination of competences (to an appropriate level or extent) in order to exercise their functions or tasks. Each quadrant comprises a set of competence areas with a set of specific competences (Knowledge Skills and Attitudes - KSAs). However, the specific KSAs associated with the quadrant competence areas need to be tailored to the individual characteristics of each regulatory body. (Safety Report No.79; Part 3)

It should be noted that additional pressure on the existing pool of regulatory staff can appear when a State declares an interest in "embarking" on a nuclear power programme. The Safety Report No.79 includes an appendix with considerations to apply the quadrant competence model to embarking States (Safety Report No.79; Appendix V).