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Technical and Scientific Organization Forum

  About TSOF

The TSOF was established in 2010 by the IAEA to promote collaboration among all TSOs and organisations interested in technical and scientific issues related to nuclear safety and security. TSOF is open to TSOs and expert groups nominated by IAEA Member States. It also includes representatives from the European Commission, the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) within the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and from established regional TSO networks. In 2012, the TSOF Steering Committee was established to facilitate the implementation of the forum’s programme.

  Collaborating with TSOF

TSOF activities are focused on the enhancement of nuclear and radiation safety and security and related infrastructure development. They are implemented in close cooperation with the Regulatory Cooperation Forum (RCF), the established regional TSO networks as well as with the NEA’s Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) on issues related to scientific and technical support to global nuclear safety.

TSOF encourages an open dialogue and sharing of technical and scientific information worldwide. It promotes coordination and collaboration among the TSOF member states to strengthen and continuously improve nuclear safety globally through:

  • Strengthening the role of technical and scientific capabilities in Member States with established TSOs;
  • Supporting technical and scientific capabilities in countries expanding or embarking on a nuclear programme;
  • Promoting coordination and collaboration among the TSOF member states to foster scientific and technical capacity building including education and training;
  • Sharing safety and security experiences and communicating lessons learned through the TSOF platform;
  • Sharing feedback on the use of the IAEA Safety Standards and other publications.