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Participating Countries
1983RAF8007: Water Resources in North AfricaIAEA/TC regionalTunisia; Algeria; MoroccoApproved
1983RAF8007: Water Resources in North Africa IAEA/TC nationalTunisiaApproved
1985TUN8009: Hydrological studies of solid flow and the balance between erosion, transport and sedimentation in reservoirsIAEA/TC nationalTunisiaApproved
19895515 : Isotope Tracing Of Water Movement In The Unsaturated Zone Under Arid Climatic Condition In South-Tunisia IAEA/CRP multilateralAlgeriaApproved
1995Avicenne project : the study of the shared big aquifers between Tunisia and Algeria using geochemical and isotopic tracers, etc…), CEE/British Geological Survey (Wallingford, UK)Algeria; Syrian Arab RepublicApproved
19957275 : Contribution Of Environmental Isotopes To Groundwater Investigations In Central And Southern Tunisia IAEA/CRP multilateralTunisia; MoroccoApproved
1995TUN8012: Use of Isotopes in Evaluation of Water Resources in the hydraulic sills (Central Tunisia: Sbeïtla, Gafsa, Hajeb basins). IAEA/TC nationalTunisiaApproved
1997TUN5017: Nuclear Techniques to Improve Water and Soil Management IAEA/TC nationalTunisiaApproved
1997RAF8026: Investigation of Leakage in Dams & Reservoirs (AFRA IV-22) IAEA/AFRA regional Syrian Arab Republic; AlgeriaApproved
1999RAF8028: Investigating Dam and Reservoir Leakages and Safety (AFRA IV-5) IAEA/AFRA regional Syrian Arab Republic; Algeria; TunisiaApproved
1999F33011 Isotope response to dynamic changes in groundwater systems due to long term exploitation (Southern Tunisia aquifers) IAEA/TC nationalTunisiaApproved
2000CMCU 00/F1004 : Utilisation des méthodes géochimiques et isotopiques pour une meilleure évaluation et gestion des ressources en eau du Sahel de SfaxBilateral programFrance; TunisiaApproved
2000PICS : Paléoclimatologie et Paléohydrologie en Tunisie : Nouvelles données pour le Quaternaire récent fondées sur l'étude du karst et des travertinsBilateral programFrance; TunisiaApproved
2000F31002: Isotopic composition of precipitation in the Mediterranean Basin in relation to air circulation patterns and climate   IAEA/CRP multilateralApproved
200110731 : Utilisation Des Méthodes Isotopiques De L'environnement Pour Une Meilleure Évaluation Et Gestion Des Ressources Du Sud Tunisien IAEA/CRP multilateralApproved
2001TUN8015: Assessment of Marine Intrusion in Cap Bon's Coastal Aquifer Systems IAEA/TC nationalTunisiaApproved
2001RAF8034 :Building Capacity in Support of Regional programmes related to the characterization of Shared water Resources IAEA/AFRATunisia; Uganda; Kenya; Benin; Niger; Ethiopia; Egypt; Sudan; Morocco; Sierra Leone; TanzaniaApproved
2003TUN8017: Groundwater Resources Assessment and Evaluation of Marine Intrusion IAEA/TC nationalTunisiaApproved
2003RAF8035: Evaluating Water Resources of the North-Western Sahara Aquifer System IAEA/TC regionalAlgeria; Tunisia; LibyaApproved
2003INT/5/147 : Developing Salt-tolerant Crops for Sustainable Food and Feed Production in Saline Lands. Eight countries participed to this regional project. IAEA inter-regionalPakistan; Syrian Arab Republic; Egypt; JordanApproved
2004TUN8018 : Use Of Isotope Techniques For Management Of Groundwater Resources IAEA/TC nationalTunisiaApproved
2005TUN8018: Groundwater Resource Assessment and Evaluation of Marine Intrusion, Phase II IAEA/TC nationalTunisiaApproved
2006CPTM 06/TM/66 : Evaluation, Gestion et Protection des Ressources en Eau des Aquifères Côtiers - Application des méthodes hydrodynamiques, hydrochimiques et isotopiques au bassin synclinal d’Essaouira (Maroc) et au bassin de la Jeffara (Tunisie) Bilateral programTunisia; MoroccoApproved
2006CMCU 06/S10-03 : Caractérisation Isotopiques des eaux du bassin de Zéroud (Tunisie Centrale) – Interaction entre Eaux de surface et Eaux souterraines. Bilateral programFrance; TunisiaApproved
2007TUN8019: Use of Isotope Techniques for Management of Groundwater ResourcesIAEA/TC nationalTunisiaApproved
2008NOSTRUM-DSS :Sustainable Water Resource Management in the Mediterranean-The role of Dss toolsCEE/FEEM organisation in Italy (Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei).Croatia; Spain; Turkey; Egypt; Jordan; Cyprus; Italy; France; Portugal; Greece; PalestineApproved
2009TUN8020: Assessing Phreatic Waters in Southern Tunisia Through the Application of Isotope Tracers IAEA/TC nationalTunisiaApproved
200914405 : Assessment Of Water Saving Techniques Efficiency Using Isotopic Methods Under Arid Climatic Conditions - The Plain Of Kairouan - Central Tunisia IAEA/CRP multilateralFrance; Austria; Tunisia; Pakistan; ChinaApproved
2009CRP 15603 “Impact of small hill reservoir on water flow and nitrogen transfer in Mediterranean agricultural catchment (Kamech, Cap Bon, Tunisia)” Part of the IAEA’s CRP D1.20.10 “Strategic Placement and Area-Wide Evaluation of Water Conservation ZonesIAEA/CRP multilateralFrance; Tunisia; Austria; Estonia; Pakistan; Iran, Islamic Republic Of; ChinaApproved
2010TUN8020 : Assessing phreatic waters in Southern Tunisia through The Application Of Isotope Tracers IAEA/TC nationalTunisiaApproved
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