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Information management system for LRAE (Laboratory for RadioAnalysis and Environment)

  Regional Designated Center

The African Regional Cooperative Agreement for Research, Development and Training related to Nuclear Science and Technology (AFRA) is an intergovernmental Agreement established by African Member States to further strengthen and enlarge the contribution of nuclear science and technology to socio-economic development on the African continent. The scope of AFRA activities covers a wide range of peaceful applications of nuclear techniques that contribute towards the achievement of national and regional development goals.

The AFRA agreement seeks to:
  • Maximize the utilization of available infrastructure and expertise in Africa in the field of nuclear science and technology;
  • Accelerate moves toward regional self-sufficiency in peaceful applications of nuclear techniques by establishing and strengthening necessary infrastructure, coordinating intellectual and physical resources and disseminating innovative methods and practices cost-efficiently; and
  • Deepen the commitment of Member States to the application of nuclear science and technology for their socio-economic development through sustained funding.

AFRA focuses its interventions in projects that aim to maximize the regional technical capabilities in the water sector, including strengthening regional designated centres (RDCs) in isotope hydrology and enhancing the adoption of isotope hydrology techniques in integrated water resources management, focusing on transboundary surface water, ground water resources and dam safety. This will be attained by establishing cross-sectoral linkages and new initiatives, and by creating strong partnerships with other institutions and development partners in the field of water resources.

Since 2009 and after audited process, LRAE have been selected as one of the three Regional Designated Centres (RDC, under AFRA activities) in order to play a leading role in AFRA and TC-IAEA projects as well as in the application of isotope techniques in water resource studies and management. As RDC the LRAE is providing under AFRA and TC-IAEA projects: i) Analytical support for Afra member state, ii) Training in the field of isotope hydrology, iii) Organize meeting and TRC and contributes as Lecture on Isotope Hydrology.

Training Program (2016) 

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