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Information management system for LRAE (Laboratory for RadioAnalysis and Environment)


Isotope Hydrology: The fingerprint of water

Since its creation, the LRAE has promoted and supported the development and practical applications of nuclear and isotope techniques in water resources and related sciences. Isotope tracers are essential tools for better understanding of groundwater origin, for quantifying water-rock interaction, mixing process and recharge rates, as well as for providing timescales of groundwater flow in groundwater systems, on large spatial and temporal scales. The LRAE activities have been carried out on a large number of water systems in Tunisia, applying isotope hydrology tools (18O/2H, 3H, 13C/14C, 234U/238U, 36Cl/Cl, 15N, 31Kr, 3H/He, ….). These activities are conducted under the main financial and technical support of the IAEA but also under scientific collaboration with international laboratories (France, Italia, CE, UK, Australia, China, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, ……).


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