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Integrated Review Service for Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Management, Decommissioning and Remediation

 ARTEMIS Review Process

Depending on the nature of the review, documentation on specific issues may be requested from the counterpart, consisting of: context-setting organizational and programme information, facility-specific documentation, results of self-assessments evaluating a Member State's governance and regulatory framework in comparison to IAEA guidance, as well as descriptions of specific technical challenges with supporting technical reports or analyses.

The review process typically consists of the following steps:

  1. An official request for an ARTEMIS review is sent by the Member State counterpart to the IAEA.
  2. The IAEA registers and assesses the request and undertakes any necessary clarification with the counterpart regarding needs and expectations, scope of the review and the financial arrangements.
  3. On acceptance of the ARTEMIS request, the responsibilities for implementing the review are allocated and contact points are designated within the IAEA and the Member State counterpart organization.
  4. The IAEA Secretariat develops in collaboration with the Member State counterpart the Terms of Reference for the review. The IAEA Secretariat makes all of the preparatory arrangements (e.g. meeting and review logistics, selection of review team members, identification and request of required supporting documentation).
  5. Documents, reports, data, and other supporting materials relevant to the scope of the review are provided by the Member State counterpart to aid the preparation of the ARTEMIS review team. If self-assessment is part of the review scope, the counterpart organization prepares and submits a self-assessment report during the preparatory phase for review by the ARTEMIS team in advance of the review meetings.
  6. The review meetings between the review team and the counterparts are conducted with a typical duration of one or two weeks. The ARTEMIS review meetings, a central activity in the review process, often are comprised of presentations, question and answer sessions, breakout sessions focusing on specific topics, facility site visits, etc. Preliminary findings and recommendations, which form the basis of the final ARTEMIS report, are presented on the last day of the mission.
  7. When the review meetings have concluded, the ARTEMIS team completes the report and provides a draft to Member State counterparts for clarifications and fact checking. The report is then finalised and delivered to the counterpart, completing the review process. When appropriate, a follow-up mission may be proposed in order to evaluate progress against recommendations identified in the report.

The final review report is the property of the requesting organization, for use at its own discretion. However, the IAEA encourages reports to be made publicly available. All final review reports, unless otherwise requested by the Member State, are made public three months after delivery.