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Integrated Review Service for Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Management, Decommissioning and Remediation

 Peer Reviews examples conducted by the IAEA

• Australia (2004), licence application for the Australian near surface radioactive waste disposal facility

• Argentina (2012), Spent Fuel Dry Storage Project at Atucha I.

• Czech Republic (1993 and 2004), the deep geological repository development programme

• Finland (1994), to evaluate Finish nuclear waste management programme

• France (1996), the management of short lived waste in France

• Hungary (1999), selecting a site for Low and Intermediate Level Waste Disposal

• Lithuania (2006), programme for evaluating sites for near surface disposal of radioactive waste in Lithuania

• Lithuania (2011), disposal facility development programme for the near surface disposal of radioactive waste in Lithuania

• Malaysia (2011), Malaysian national low level radioactive waste repository: site selection study

• Malaysia (2011), Radiation Safety Aspects of a Proposed Rare Earths Processing Facility (the Lynas Project)

• Netherlands (2009), radioactive waste management activities of COVRA

• Norway (1995), establishing a combined storage/disposal facility for LILW

• Republic of Korea (2002), to review the R&D programme for the disposal of HLW in Korea

• Republic of Korea (2005), siting national near surface disposal facility

• Republic of Korea (2007), support to licensing national near surface disposal facility

• Republic of Korea (2012), the deep geologic disposal of high level radioactive waste from pyro-processing in Korea

• Romania (2007) to assess the current status of the development programme for a national repository for low- and intermediate-level waste

• Romania (200() to support ANDRAD near-surface repository development and licensing programme

• Slovakia (1994), to assess pre-operational safety report of Mochovce near surface repository

• Slovenia (2007), ARAO’s documentation and technical programme for the development of the Slovenian national repository for low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste

• South Africa (2007), mobile hot cell operation

• UK (2008) The Decommissioning Programme of Magnox Limited, United Kingdom

• UK (2012) NDA Industry Guidance – Interim Storage of Higher Activity Waste Packages – Integrated Approach

• Ukraine (2012) review of the State Programme on "Remediation of the former uranium facilities of the Pridneprovsky Chemical Plant site"

• USA (1997), Performance Assessment of the US WIPP (jointly with OECD/NEA)

• USA (2001), the Total System Performance Assessment of the Yucca Mountain site (jointly with OECD/NEA)