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IAEA Training Resources - Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

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​General Thoughts:

1. SMRs should be treated as NPPs - with some exceptions.
2. Examples will be mostly based on U.S NRC experience.
3. The international community has many ways of providing assistance.


1. Provide a review of current progress related to SMRs under construction and share lessons learned.
2. Present several "model" raodmaps for Member States to adopt as reference for strategic pathway.
(Note: document assumes that Member States are working the Milestones Approach to implement a nuclear power programme.)  

The objectives of this eLearning material are:
1. Energy Planning (SMRs)
2. SMR Deployment and Economics
3. Infrastructure Differences

The objective of this eLearning content is to provide an overview on the Hybrid Energy Systems as well as SMR applications​