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Global Education and Training Resources

GETR is a platform build to help individuals and organizations find, organize, and manage educational and training courses for diverse audiences. GETR was built with the intention and the capability to share content across all the nuclear safety stakeholders and the public.
GETR is an easy-to-access platform that enables learners, instructors and organizations to be part of the GLOBAL NUCLEAR SAFETY AND SECURITY community. The objective of Global Education and Training Resources (GETR) is to facilitate bringing together and exchanging information on global nuclear safety education and training resources and assist governments/organizations and individuals to establish and develop effective and efficient education and training systems.

Search for training opportunities addressed to Governments, TSOs, regulatory authorities, operators and students. The trainings are structured in 37 categories covering 17 safety thematic areas.

Search for PhDs, Masters, Bachelors and scholarship opportunities in Nuclear, Material Science, Medical and Health Physics and radiological technologies etc.