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 Peer Reviews and Advisory Services

​Safety and security reviews, evaluation and appraisal services:

Safety and security reviews, evaluation and appraisal services are provided by the Agency to it's Member States, upon their request. For nuclear safety they provide a means of applying the IAEA safety standards. Hence, the scope of the services is directly related to the areas addressed by the safety standards, i.e. governmental organization, research reactors, operation, design and siting of nuclear power plants, radiation, waste andtransport safety and security. 

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Peer Reviews and Advisory Services by Audience and Theme

​ ​ ​Nuclear Safety ​Radiation Protection & Safety ​Radioactive Waste Management ​Transport Safety ​Incident & Emergency ​Nuclear Security
​Operating Organizations


​Educators EPREV (EPR)
​Law enforcement ​ORPAS ​EPREV

​State officials/Governments

Expert mission to support newcomers ​EPREV (involved in EPR) ​INSServ
​Health sectors ​EPREV
​TSOs ​EPREV (involved in EPR) ​INSServ



​ARTEMIS Integrated Review Service for Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Management, Decommissioning and Remediation NSRW

in cooperation with NEFW
​DSARS Design and Safety Assessment Review Service ​NSNI
​EduTA Education and Training Appraisal  ​NSRW
​EPREV Emergency Preparedness Review ​NS - IEC
​INSARR Integrated Safety Assessment of Research Reactors ​NSNI
​INSServ International Nuclear Security Service ​NSNS
​IPPAS International Physical Protection Advisory Service ​NSNS
​IRRS Integrated Regulatory Review Service ​NSNI
​ORPAS Occupational Radiation Protection Advisory Service ​NSRW
​OSART Operational Safety Review Team ​NSNI
​RPoPAS Radiation Protection of Patients Advisory Service ​NSRW
​SEDO Safety Evaluation of Fuel Cycle Facilities during Operation ​NSNI
​SSRS Site Safety Review Service ​NSNI
​TranSAS Transport Safety Appraisal Service ​NSRW
Advisory mission for source safety  ​NSRW
NSRW waste management mission ​NSRW
RP Fact Finding Mission  ​NSRW
Expert mission to support newcomers ​NSNI