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 Past Events

20th GNSSN Steering Committee Meeting, 4-5 December 2023, Virtual EventVirtual Event hosted by IAEA2023
10th GNSSN Plenary Meeting, 27 Sep 2023, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2023
19th GNSSN Steering Committee Meeting, 22-23 February 2023, IAEA, Vienna (hybrid format)IAEA, Vienna2023
2nd Chairs’ Coordination Meeting – Regional and Thematic Networks under GNSSN, Virtual Event, 21 Nov 2022IAEA, Vienna2022
9th GNSSN Plenary Meeting, 28 Sep 2022, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2022
18th GNSSN Steering Committee Meeting, 28-29 July 2022, Hybrid Event, IAEA, ViennaHybrid Event2022
17th GNSSN Steering Committee Meeting, 6 - 7 Dec 2021, Virtual EventVirtual Event hosted by IAEA2021
8th GNSSN Plenary Meeting, Sep 2021, Hybrid EventIAEA, Vienna (in hybrid format)2021
International Conference on Effective Nuclear and Radiation Regulatory Systems, 4-7 November 2019, The Hague, NetherlandsThe Hague, Netherlands2019
6th GNSSN Plenary Meeting, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2019
13th GNSSN Steering Committee Meeting, 8th - 9th Nov 2018, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2018
5th GNSSN Plenary Meeting, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2018
12th GNSSN SC Meeting, 16-17th April 2018, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2018
11th GNSSN SC Meeting, 11-12 Dec 2017, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2017
4th GNSSN Plenary Meeting, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2017
10th GNSSN Steering Committee Meeting, 11th-12th May 2017, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2017
09th GNSSN Steering Committee Meeting, 19-20th Dec 2016, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2016
3rd GNSSN Plenary MeetingIAEA, Vienna2016
08th Meeting of the GNSSN Steering Committee, 17th -18th May 2016, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2016
07th Meeting of the GNSSN Steering Committee, 24th -25th Nov 2015, Berlin, GERMANYBerlin, GERMANY2015
2nd GNSSN Plenary MeetingIAEA, Vienna2015
06th GNSSN Steering Committee meeting, 07-08 May 2015, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2015
05th GNSSN Steering Committee meeting, 01-03 Dec 2014, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2014
1st GNSSN Plenary MeetingIAEA, Vienna2014
04th GNSSN Steering Committee meeting, 30th June - 2nd July 2014, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2014
02nd GNSSN Steering Committee meeting, 03-05 April 2013, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2013
03rd GNSSN Steering Committee meeting, 05-06 Dec 2013, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2013
01st GNSSN Steering Committee Meeting, 02-04 April 2012, IAEA, ViennaIAEA, Vienna2012