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  Organisation Structure

The organisation structure of PGEC-RAFN constitutes of:

  • Coordinator
  • The Coodinator acts on behalf of the network in the following circumstances:
    • executes and enforces the decisions of the General Assembly.
    • proposes to the General Assembly new orientations and actions aiming to achieve the Network objectives.
    • organizes the sessions of the General Assembly.
    • proposes if necessary, the creation of commissions and working groups and ensures their good function.
    • receives and evaluates membership applications and letters of abdication of responsibilities
    • manages the Network properties
    • represents the Network alongside both organizations and institutions

  • Secretary General
  • The Secretary is in charge of the Network administrative and financial management. He assists the coordinator in its missions.

  • Radiation Protection Manager
  • Is in charge of the technical aspects related to radiation protection and safety of ionising radiation.

  • Communication Officer
  • Is in charge of the IT platform management of Network and the information updating. He is also in charge of:
    • Training (e-Learning)
    • Public Awareness
    • Publication
    • Communication with the other Networks, organizations and institutions.

  • Projects Coordinator
  • Is in charge of training and research aspects related to the use of ionising radiation. He also coordinates the activities related to support and advising in Radiation protection field

  Current Organisation Members

Coordinator: KABORE Ousséini (Burkina Faso)

Secretariat:NASRI Bouchra(Morocco)

Radiation Protection Officer: GERALDO Malick (Benin)

Communication Officer: ABAKAR Seid Moustapha

Project Management Officer: NITIEMA Etienne