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ORPAS questionnaires

The ORPAS questionnaires are essential part of the mission to ensure that appraisals are conducted in a consistent manner, regardless of which team member conducts the appraisal, and that consistent information is gathered and recorded. The set of ORPAS questionnaires (for regulatory body, technical service providers and operators) is supplied in advance to the host country so that appropriate preparations can be made for the appraisal mission in advance of the mission.

The use of questionnaires is intended:

  • To provide an effective and efficient information gathering technique;
  • To provide a complete information database upon which to base recommendations;
  • To assist in achieving consistency across different missions; and
  • To provide a standard recording format for incorporation into the country profile.

The basic structure of the questionnaires has been chosen to enable them to be used both by the host country prior to the mission and also by the appraisal team. To facilitate efficient completion, most questions are intended for 'Yes/No' responses, but always with a follow-up for further (brief) explanations where appropriate (generally when the response fails to meet the accepted standard). In general, this means that no justification is required for responses that appear to meet the accepted standard although evidence is required to be provided to justify the response.

The questionnaires were developed from the GSR Part 3 and the supporting safety guides, mainly GSG-7. They follow closely the content of the GSR Part 3 or the safety guides, to which reference is strongly recommended. It should be noted that the questionnaires, address the technical and organizational aspects of occupational radiation protection for both normal operation and emergencies.


The ORPAS questionnaires are available for download:

For Regulatory body

For Technical Service Providers

For Operators (employers, registrants and licensees)