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What is Occupational Radiation Protection Appraisal Service (ORPAS)?
ORPAS missions are conducted as an independent appraisal service in the field of radiation protection of workers. Such an appraisal is an opportunity for a Member State to have all or some aspects of its occupational radiation protection programme independently assessed and evaluated against international safety standards. The purpose of the assessment is to review the legislative and regulatory infrastructure for occupational radiation protection, technical services relating to protection and safety, such as services for personal dosimetry and the calibration of monitoring and measuring equipment, and practical implementation of Member States’ arrangements for occupational radiation protection through radiation protection programmes by operators.

ORPAS is appraisal service provided by the IAEA to facilitate the application of, and perform reviews against, IAEA Safety Standards in Member States. Unlike any other mission, ORPAS missions not only focuses on the regulatory elements of a Member State but also on operators and Technical Services Providers that will participate in the appraisal process. In addition, missions are conducted in an environment of close cooperation and communication with Member States, with a view to enhancing the ownership of ORPAS recommendations.
What does ORPAS cover?
ORPAS is appropriate for all types of facilities and activities. It also covers the regulatory body, operators, and technical service providers (TSPs) for protection and safety in respect to the assessment of occupational exposure from external sources of radiation and due to the intake of radionuclides. The review also covers individual monitoring, as well as workplace monitoring, and advisory services.  ORPAS promotes self-assessment, safety culture in radiation safety environment and quality management systems at facilities and activities. Read more >>

How does it work?
The assessment is conducted by international experts that are selected based on their experience with such reviews, as well as for their knowledge of international guidance and best practices. They should be also able to recognise and understand the features of different national radiation safety systems and arrangements.

The expert team concludes its review with a final report that identifies recommended improvements and actions. Read more >>

How can a Member State apply? 
The appraisal is conducted following an official request from a Member State. Read more >>