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The IAEA had developed a self-assessment methodology that is used to review a regulatory body's existing processes and performances against predetermined criteria, the IAEA safety requirements. It is a useful instrument that provides for further planned improvement of the regulatory system.

The IAEA had also developed and made available since 2010 a software tool, the Self-Assessment of Regulatory Infrastructure for Safety (SARIS), for implementation of the self-assessment methodology, which contains different questionnaires based on the IAEA safety requirements. An online version of the software, eSARIS, has been released in 2021. The IAEA self-assessment methodology and eSARIS, in addition to being used for periodic evaluation of the national regulatory infrastructure for safety as part of the regulatory body's management system, it is also a prerequisite for preparation for the Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS)

This collaboration platform was designed for regulators who are planning or are in the process of conducting self-assessment of their national regulatory infrastructure for safety and was developed with the objective of providing an instrument for enhancing the sharing of information and knowledge related to a national self-assessment undertaking.

A national team conducting self-assessment and that have been provided access can open eSARIS ​here. For any request to get access to eSARIS or for any other needs related to self-assessment, you can contact the eSARIS Team at