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Scrap Metal Tool Kit


Scrap metal is an important source material for the metal production industry, contributing a large fraction of the final product (in the case of steel, about 50%). Most cities have several scrapyards, ranging from small operations involving a few individuals through medium sized facilities to, in industrialized States, large scrapyards handling between a hundred thousand and some ten million tonnes of scrap metal each year. The number of metal works and foundries worldwide that buy scrap to melt and refine or cast to shape is in the tens of thousands. Furthermore, there is substantial transboundary movement of scrap metal and other products of the metal recycling and production industries. As a consequence, radioactive material inadvertently incorporated into scrap metal and semi finished products of the metal recycling industries are occasionally and unwittingly transported across national borders. 

This site was developed with the objective to provide a collaboration and information exchange platform for developing capabilities and knowledge sharing in activities related to the control of radioactive material inadvertently incorporated in scrap metal or semi-finished products of the metal recycling industries.

Database of Sources-The database provides a catalogue of radioactive material that has been detected in the metal recycling industries.Information Sharing Platform-The library is a compilation of relevant publications (such as documents, posters, apps etc.), produced by the IAEA, by member states and other organizations.Tools-A collection of helpful tools, applications and forms to control, monitor and Evaluate Sources.Case Study-Case histories intended to demonstrate risk reduction measures and lessons learned.IAEA-Scrap Metal Tool Kit