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iNET-EPR  (International Network for Education and Training for Emergency Preparedness and Response)

International Network for Education and Training for Emergency Preparedness and Response

Welcome to the iNET-EPR web portal !

The mission of the iNET-EPR is to assist Member States by establishing a mutually supportive network of academic educators and practical trainers. It also aims to contribute to global efforts to create, enhance and sustain capacity building in emergency preparedness and response (EPR), including an effective and collaborative network of Capacity Building Centres on EPR (CBCs-EPR).

Capacity building in EPR is essential for the sustainability of human resources, knowledge, and capabilities in responding to nuclear or radiological emergencies. It comprises of four essential elements:

  • Education and Training;
  • Human Resources Development;
  • Knowledge Management;
  • Knowledge Networks.

The iNET-EPR portal brings together education and training institutions to enable the sharing of knowledge and experiences. This portal includes institution profiles, case studies on capacity building activities, and collaboration spaces for the working groups of the network. Through this common platform, members can connect and work together to enhance their capacity building activities in EPR.

iNET-EPR Contact Point

IAEA Secretariat Contact Point
Ms. Muzna Assi