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Global Nuclear Safety and Security Communication


The Global Nuclear Safety and Security Communication Network (GNSSCOM) was established in 2016 by the IAEA as a mechanism to support Member States in communication during routine operations (e.g., non-emergency situations). GNSSCOM encourages and supports Member State communication officers from regulatory bodies, technical support organizations, and other relevant organizations, to connect and collaborate in order to improve communication effectiveness and build public trust.

The main objectives of GNSSCOM include:

  1. Sharing knowledge, expertise, lessons learned, and best practices in communication;
  2. Promoting capacity building in communications through networking activities;
  3. Developing, implementing, and evaluating strategies and processes for effective communication and consultation with stakeholders;
  4. Providing access to communication professionals, tools, materials, resources, knowledge databases, and publications to further enhance competence in communications; and
  5. Dialoguing to establish close working relationships and work on communication related issues.

Currently, GNSSCOM is led by a Steering Committee that provides guidance on the development and sustainability of the network’s activities, in line with its Terms of Reference, and helps ensure the GNSSCOM webpage is supporting Member States’ needs.

GNSSCOM Terms of Reference (ToR)