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Action 7: Incidents and accidents


Electronic systems 

Voluntary reporting and learning system of over 1300 radiotherapy incidents and near misses

Voluntary reporting system with comprehensive data such as patient's dose reports using defined trigger levels or events in fluoroscopically-guided diagnostic and interventional procedures

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  • Implement and support voluntary educational safety reporting systems for the purpose of learning from the return of experience of safety related events in medical uses of radiation;
  • Harmonize taxonomy in relation to medical radiation incidents and accidents, as well as related communication tools such as severity scales, and consider harmonization with safety taxonomy in other medical areas;
  • Work towards inclusion of all modalities of medical usage of ionizing radiation in voluntary safety reporting, with an emphasis on brachytherapy, interventional radiology, and therapeutic nuclear medicine in addition to external beam radiotherapy;
  • Implement prospective risk analysis methods to enhance safety in clinical practice;
  • Ensure prioritization of independent verification of safety at critical steps, as an essential component of safety measures in medical uses of radiation.