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Bonn Call for Action Implementation Toolkit > Action 3: Manufacturers
  • ‚ÄčEnsure improved safety of medical devices by enhancing the radiation protection features in the design of both physical equipment and soft ware and to make these available as default features rather than optional extra features;
  • Support development of technical solutions for reduction of radiation exposure of patients, while maintaining clinical outcome, as well as of health workers;
  • Enhance the provision of tools and support in order to give training for users that is specifi c to the particular medical devices, taking into account radiation protection and safety aspects;
  • Reinforce the conformance to applicable standards of equipment with regard to performance, safety and dose parameters;
  • Address the special needs of health care settings with limited infrastructure, such as sustainability and performance of equipment, whether new or refurbished; 
  • Strengthen cooperation and communication between manufacturers and other stakeholders, such as health professionals and professional societies;
  • Support usage of platforms for interaction between manufacturers and health and radiation regulatory authorities and their representative organizations.