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Virtual School of drafting regulations on Transport safety
School of Drafting Regulations

Transport Safety Programme

This programme of the School is aimed at assisting participants with the drafting and revision of their countries' national regulations on transport safety. Participants learn how to ensure compatibility with th relevant IAEA safety standards. An independent and effective national regulatory framework for transport safety is the essential foundation for the safety of transport activities in a country. The IAEA works closely with its Member States to strengthen their regulatory authorities and regulatory functions, including assisting them in developing regulations for the implementation of their national safety laws. The School is offered to regulators from IAEA Member States who are engaged in drafting transport safety regulations. The School builds on the existing capabilities of the regulators' staff, thereby ensuring the sustainability of the regulators' ability to develop and update national transport safety regulations. The school has been designed as a four-segment process as follows: 

Segment 1: In-Country Preparation 

This segment is intended to provide guidance to participants regarding the familiarization with the key elements of their national legal and regulatory framework. They need to know these elements to get ready to start drafting a new regulation or revising an existing one. Segment 1 also provides guidance to participants registered for the School's face-to-face workshop (Segment 3) regarding the development of pre-workshop documentation to be submitted to the School's organizers prior to the workshop. Please follow this link​ to learn more about Segment 1 of the School. 

Segment 2: Preparatory Work 

This segment of the School is designed to be an online self-training course aimed at familiarizing participants with the core elements of the process followed in the development and promulgation of national safety regulations. The self-training course also provides details on how the School's face-to-face workshop (Segment 3) will be organized. Completion of this self-training course is mandatory for registered participants in Segment 3 of the School. Non-registered individuals may also access the learning materials in this segment of the School for formative purposes only. Please follow this link to learn more about Segment 2 of the School.

Segment 3: Face-to-face 

Segment 3 of the School's Transportation Safety Program is intended to train participants on how to elaborate regulations on transport safety in line with IAEA Safety Standards and to provide them with expert advice to improve and/or finalize draft regulations that are under development. Please follow this link to learn more about Segment 3 of the School.

Segment 4: Community of users 

This segment aims to create a community of users among the participants of the School's activities for the transport safety programme. Please follow this link​ to learn more about Segment 4 of the School.​​​​​​​