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External Events Safety

The EESS is responsible for supporting Member States, upon request, in achieving a high level of safety in the protection of nuclear installations (power reactors, advanced reactors, small modular reactors, microreactors, research reactors, fuel cycle facilities, waste repositories, fusion facilities) against external hazards using peer reviews, advisory services and capacity building actions based on the IAEA Safety Standards and technical documents on purpose developed and maintained.

The EESS is responsible for developing and revising IAEA Safety Standards and technical documents, in cooperation with Member States’ experts, in the areas of siting, design and safety assessment in relation to external hazards affecting the nuclear installations and the site surroundings, such as: natural hazards (e.g. earthquakes, floods, high-winds, geotechnical effects, etc.), human induced hazards (aircraft crashes, explosions, impacts, etc.), security related hazards originated outside the site boundary (e.g. aircraft crash), and radiological dispersion into the environment.