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Past IAEA Meetings and Workshops on Safety Culture

Past IAEA NSNI Meetings and Workshops on the Topics of Management, Leadership and Culture for Safety; HOF 

This site provides information from events organized by the IAEA on the topics of culture, management and leadership for safety; human and organizational factors (HOF). It contains presentations and papers, as well as other relevant material such as agendas and compendia created for events.

For additional information, we invite to register to access the IAEA Management System Network of Excellence, developed to further facilitate co-operation and exchange of knowledge on management systems and safety culture in the nuclear industry and related disciplines around the world. 

​Name Comment
​23-25 October 2017Workshop on the Use of a Harmonized Safety Culture Framework
​10-11 July 2017TM to Review and Revise IAEA Safety Guides
​12-15 April 2016Workshop for Senior Managers on Leadership and Culture for Safety
​29 March-1 AprilTraining Workshop on a Systemic Approach to Safety Pragmatic Solutions
​22-26 Feb 2016International Conference on Human and Organizational Aspects of Assuring Nuclear Safety – Exploring 30 Years of Safety Culture​For more information, see Conference Website
​14-18 Dec 2015TM on Regulatory Oversight of Human and Organizational Factors (HOF)
​2 Nov-4 Nov 2015Technical Meeting on Developing Improvement Programmes for Safety Culture -
​28 Sept-1 Oct 2015​Workshop for Senior Managers on Leadership and Culture for Safety​Conducted in Paris, hosted by The Government of France through EDF
​18-21 Nov 2014 Workshop on Leadership and Safety Culture for Senior Managers -
​6-8 Oct 2014 Technical Meeting on Integration of Safety Culture into Regulatory Practices and Decision Making Process -
​10-13 June 2014

Technical Meeting on the Interaction between Individuals, Technology and Organization – Systemic Approach to Safety in Practice

8-11 April 2014 Workshop on Global Safety Culture – National Factors relevant to Safety Culture  ​-
​11-13 March 2014 Workshop on Safety Culture and Security Culture in the Pre-operational Phases ​Conducted in UAE
​18-22 Nov 2013 Training Workshop on the IAEA's Safety Culture Assessment Methodology ​-
​10-13 Sept 2013 Workshop on Leadership and Safety Culture for Senior Managers ​-
​26-30 Nov 2012 TM on Safety Culture in Pre-operational Phases ​Conducted in South Africa. Arranged jointly with IAEA Dept. of Nuclear Energy.
​25-27 June 2012
​TM on Managing the Unexpected
Training material/videos of presentations available here
​27-30 Aug 2019
​TM GSR part 2 - Core Concepts​Presentations and papers on GSR part 2 application.
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